Idaho Residents Pike Record Falls

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Idaho Residents Pike Record Falls
Living in the middle of the country can feel a bit claustrophobic for parents. Being landlocked and far away from pretty much anything new or different can give people a feeling of anxiety, and lead them to develop a wanderlust that just won’t go away. No matter how strong this feeling is for parents, for children it can often be unbearable. Of course kids can escape into a book, movie, or the imagination, but it’s just not the same as exposing them first hand to the exciting places the world has to offer.
A person living in California can just hop in the car and be at the beach, in the middle of the desert, or in a city like Los Angeles or San Francisco with all the museums, shows and culture these places have to offer within a few hours. From states like Iowa and Idaho however, it’s a bit of a different story. From these locations it can take 10 or more hours to reach the nearest point of interest, a long ride for kids and an expensive one for parents. While Filer, Idaho and rural Iowa have many exciting locations to visit, many can be fairly similar, leaving kids with a craving for more. Family vacations to exotic locations were easier in the past, but with the economy in a sorry state it’s just too much to pack everyone up and travel by plane, especially in families with four or more members. As an alternative, many families are opening up the world to their children with the help of technologies. One of the most prime examples is high speed internet.
Was Bob cited by the Idaho Department of fish & Game for this infraction? I doubt it. It would seem to be the first responsibility of any angler to be aware of, and follow the regulations of the waters he or she fishes.


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