Lake Pend Oreille Ramp Dock Fuel Food Camp Phone
Bayview Docks & Marinas X X X 208.683.2215
Beyond Hope Resort X X X X X 208.264.5251
Bottle Bay Marina X X X X X 208.263.5916
ButtonHook X 208.683.2425
Cedar Creek X 208.769.1414
Edgewater Resort X 208.263.3194
Farragut State Park X X 212 208.683.2425
Floating Restaurant X X X X 208.264.5311
Garfield Bay Resort X X X X 25 208.263.1551
Granite Creek X 208.266.1551
Harbor Marina X 208.263.9595
Holiday Shores X 208.264.5515
Hope Marina X X X X X 208.264.5105
Island View Resort X X X 40 208.264.5509
JD Resort & Marina 208.683.2560
Kramer’s Marina 208.264.3021
Lakeview Landing X X 208.222.3049
Macdonalds Hudson Bay X X X X X 208.683.2211
Pringle Park X 208.264.5314
Rainbow Resort 208.264.5412
Red Fir Resort X X 50 208.264.5287
Sam Owen Park X 100 877.444.6667
Sandpoint Marina X X X X 208.263.3083
Scenic Bay Marina 208.683.2243
Springy Point Rec Area X 40
Sunnyside 208.263.0887
Trestle Creek Rec Area X 208.264.5894
Vista Bay Resort X 208.683.2214
Whiskey Rock X 208.263.5111
Windbag Marina X 208.263.7811
Pend Oreille River Ramp Dock Fuel Food Camp Phone
Albeni Cove X 13 208.437.3133
Bonner Park West X
Dock-N-Shop X X 208.448.2314
Laclede X
Morton Slough Access X 15 208.769.1414
Priest River City 208.448.2721
Priest River Rec 19 208.437.3133
Riley Creek Recreation X X 68 208.437.3133
Springy Point Rec 208.265.2676
Willow Bay Marina X X 20 208.265.8854
Priest Lake Ramp Dock Fuel Food Camp Phone
Beaver Creek X 41 208.443.2512
Bishop’s Marina X X X X 208.443.2191
Blue Diamond Marina X X 208.443.2240
Cavanaugh Bay Marina X X X X 208.443.2095
Coolin X 208.443.3191
Elkin’s Resort X X X X 208.443.2432
Grandview X 208.443.2433
Hill’s Resort X X X X 208.443.2551
Indian Creek X X 93 208.443.2292
LionHead State Park X X 47 208.443.2200
Priest Lake Marina X X X X 208.443.2505
Reeder Bay Campground X 24 208.443.2512


Cowboy vocabulary

The White House did not just get a new team, but a whole new language. George W. Bush brought with him the language of the country and its colorful characters. For anyone not born in Rural America or spent any time there, the accents and the cowboy vocabulary may seem a bit strange but no matter who you are they will always bring a smile and usually they are universally Read More…

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